TOYOTOMI guarantees the normal operation of the unit for duration: 2 (two) years for the compressor and 2 (two) years for the electric/mechanic parts of all air-conditioning units (9.000 – 60.000 Btu/h) when installation is done by a certified installer.

An extension of warranty  2 + 5 = 7 years is possible. For more information please visit our partner company:

  1. The warranty card is valid from the purchasing date and the legal voucher is required (ex. invoice, retail receipt).
  2. The warranty card refers to the first 2 years for repair or replacement of the unit or any part of the unit that its examination shows to be defective.
  3. The warranty card refers only to structural defectives. Please note that expendable goods such as batteries are not included.
  4. The warranty card is not valid in the following cases:
    • Damages caused from intervention of unauthorized personnel
    • Faulty installation, mishandling or damage of unit
    • Factors for which the production factory does not have any responsibility (great variations in power supply beyond the specifications of the unit, etc.)
    • Bad or insufficient maintenance
    • TOYOTOMI is not responsible for any damages caused by exogenous factors such as use in no compliance with manufacturer’s instructions, connection in non-grounded power supply socket etc.
    • If the power plug is cut from the power supply wire the warranty covers malfunctions or damages which are caused exclusively from the manufacturer of the unit or from defective elements.
  5. In case of any unit’s damage you should refer to the company that sold the unit. The transportation costs from and back to technical department and the probable insurance of the units are under the customer’s choice and responsibility.