MULTI FREE MATCH, high performance air conditioning.

Multi Splits, High-performance air conditioning in the various rooms of a building, connecting 2 to 5 indoor units, having a ‘’small footprint’’ and maximum savings installation and maintenance costs!

Multi split units offer the opportunity to connect more than one indoorunit in one outdoor.

They are the mosteconomical solution for a big range of places so that you can save space in your balcony or yard. However, we have to be very careful while choosing the right outdoor unit regarding the power strength, in order to satisfy the needs of the connected indoor units and their simultaneous operation.

Moreover, the outdoor unit should be placed in a way that the length of the connecting hoses with the indoor units will not surpass the recommended length from the supplier.

IZURU the most smart air conditioner, combining high performance, stylish design  and a host of special features

Floor & Ceiling  units have been designed to match not only business environments but also domestic ones.

4-Way Cassette units of low sound level for unique comfort and equable temperature in every single edge of your room

Air-cooling thanks to the louvers’ wide angle and the double air outlet guarantees great conditions in your rooms

                Ducted air conditioners.                    The business power for all conditions!

The upgraded outdoor units, choose 2 to 5 indoor units, according to your style preference. With a capacity range of 14.000 till 41.000 Btu/h!