About Us:

TOYOTOMI is having a strong presence in the automotive business as a part supplier for Toyota Group since 1949.

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On the photo left Mr. Kazuharu Nakamura, Founder of Toyotomi Co., Ltd brings his debt of gratitude to former president of Toyota Industries & Toyota Motors Mr. Taizo Ishida TOYOTOMI, located in Nagoya, also became the unquestioned leader at industrial level, developing a great number of innovations not only in the field of relevant and effective mobile heating solutions but also in field of HVAC. TOYOTOMI products are available worldwide through a strong, highly effective and qualitative network of distributors, covering the entire Japanese market, North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia. TOYOTOMI’s brand was created by a combination of the words “TOYO” from Toyota and “TOMI”, which means loyal.


Our Founder was born in the same hometown as the famous general HIDEYOSHI TOYOTOMI (left photo) and, coincidentally, they have the same birthday
TOYOTOMI is having their own branches in the USA and since 2014 also in Europe.
Next to this we are working on long-term Partnership levels with more than 100 Partners for years and having more than 65.000.000 million satisfied users world-wide since 2016.
TOYOTOMI tailors its products to satisfy its customer’s needs by always pursuing Toyotomi’s business philosophy, “sharing joys in daily living”. 

TOYOTOMI will continue to research, develop and manufacture products that match people’s lifestyle for efficiency, safety and comfort and that are in harmony with the ever-changing living environment.

Our quality, reliable products can be certified by most major international testing standards in the USA, Canada, and the European Union. We are dedicated to technological innovation and consumer-driven product development. Our Japanese R&D team continues to generate new products that adhere to the highest quality standards, providing reliable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective air conditioning solutions. As we implement innovations, we take into account both the needs of current customers and future engineering trends. We have combined the latest elegant ergonomic designs with comfort and high-quality modern technology. We are focused on constant improvement and providing the best service possible. We commit to producing quality products that improve our customers’ lives.

Under the umbrella of Qlimondo International LLC, Georgia, TOYOTOMI CAUCASUS has been founded.

Managed by a well experienced international manager having international entrepreneurial spirit and business skills and more than 30 year’s business experience in developing foreign markets in the field of HVAC and a young dynamic Team of Georgian well-educated persons Toyotomi is exploring a new capital in successfully developing a HVAC market in the Caucasus Region.